Classwork Levels


The Progressive Classwork program focuses on developing spiritual, mental, physical and social skills at a grade-appropriate level. Through a combination of self-directed, unit and club activities and study, Pathfinders learn team work, self-reliance and leadership.

Each class level comprises eight sections: Personal Growth, Spiritual Discovery, Serving Others, Making Friends, Health and Fitness, Nature Study, Outdoor Living, and Pathfinder Organization/Leadership. Every year, when a Pathfinder is invested and advances to the next level, the sections remain the same. However, the activities to fulfill the requirements change, in order to allow each Pathfinder the opportunities to participate in new experiences and challenges and to practice skills and information previously learned.


The origin of the class levels dates back to 1922, decades before the formal beginning of the Pathfinder program. At that time, Harriet Holt, a staff member of the Youth Department of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, developed a program to be used within the Junior Missionary Volunteer (JMV) societies that would combine spiritual development, camping and outdoor activities, and crafts and skills. The first two class levels were Friend and Companion, which remain the initial levels, designed for fifth and sixth graders. Around the same time, two tracks of leadership development were also introduced – Comrade and Master Comrade. These were later changed to Guide and Master Guide (avoiding misunderstandings in the early days of the Cold War). Guide remains the highest level of the Pathfinder classes, and Master Guide is the highest level of youth leadership in the Pathfinder program and Adventist youth ministries.

The requirements for the various levels have changed several times over the years, adjusting to the times and activities appropriate. The most recent upgrade occurred in 2009, with the new curriculum (called Investiture Achievement) being officially introduced in the autumn of 2011.

Calimesa Curriculum

The Calimesa Progressive Classwork curriculum is a combination of the best and most
applicable parts of the old Progressive Classwork Diaries and the new Investiture
Achievement Journals. A few things have been added that are specific to our club. Inspiration has additionally been taken from the Florida Conference classwork curriculum that include 2 additional levels for high school students.

Calimesa Progressive Classwork levels:
Friend, Companion, Explorer, Ranger, Voyager, Pioneer, Navigator, and Guide.

Advanced levels:
Trail Friend, Trail Companion, Wilderness Explorer, Wilderness Ranger, Frontier Voyager, Frontier Pioneer, Frontier Navigator, and Frontier Guide.