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Are you a New Pathfinder or a Returning Pathfinder? Or an Adult Volunteer?

Who are the Pathfinders?

The Pathfinder Club is a Seventh-day Adventist Church-sponsored ministry open to all children from 5th through 12th grade. We welcome members of any faith or no religious persuasion, so long as they agree to abide by the Pathfinder Pledge and Law. 

Pathfinders is a faith-based co-educational youth leadership and development program, boasting some 2 million members worldwide. The Pathfinder program provides a safe and nurturing environment where youth are able to develop and strengthen their spiritual, mental, physical and emotional skills, to participate in service to the community and to God, and to spend time in nature overcoming challenges and appreciating creation. Pathfinders emerge with a strong sense of personal responsibility and capability, an appreciation of working with small and large groups, and with a strengthened sense of faith, service and self confidence.

The Pathfinder program includes eight Progressive Classwork levels, which provide a cohesive framework upon which the activities of the Pathfinder Club are built. Youth leadership opportunities start at the higher grade levels, with the TLT (Teen Leadership Training) track.

The Pathfinder Honors are another central component of the Pathfinder program. Honors are available in eight categories: Arts Crafts & Hobbies, Nature, Recreation, Health & Science, Outdoor Industries, Vocational, Household Arts, and Outreach Ministries (including a series of honors in coordination with Adventist Community Services). Pathfinder Honors offer opportunities for exploration into nature and healthful living, skill development into sports and outdoor activities, introductions in to hobbies and artistic endeavors, applicable life and job skills, leadership development, service and mission activities.

Calimesa Pathfinder Club

The Calimesa Pathfinder Club meets every Tuesday from 6:45pm-8:30pm and have fun learning about Jesus and the Bible, nature, health and fitness, making crafts, playing games, and many other exciting activities.

For more information, contact the Calimesa church office or visit the Calimesa SDA Church website.