The Pathfinder uniform is the most visible item of the Pathfinder program. It is worn to help provide the consciousness of belong to a real international organization that stands for noble ideals and represents the Seventh-day Adventist youth of today. It proudly proclaims, “I belong”! Pathfinders come from all backgrounds, but when they are in uniform, all differences are wiped out…they are Pathfinders.

The Pathfinder uniform can stimulate loyalty, build morale, and club spirit. Each insignia on the uniform has a special meaning, therefore proper placement and attachment is important. Uniforms should be worn:

Teens Only

Class “A” (Full Dress) Uniform

The Calimesa Pathfinder Club rents out Class “A” shirts and pants/skorts. All other items are purchased by the individual Pathfinder.

Pathfinders and Staff:


Master Guides:

Calimesa Pin/Patch Guides

Class “B” (Field) Uniform


The Pathfinder emblem is printed on the front with the words Southeastern above it and California below it.  The only addition allowed on the marking on the front of the shirt is the name of the club, which may be neatly lettered just below the California, in the same color as the emblem. On the back of the t-shirt you may add the name of your club, Pathfinder, or County.


Teens who have not passed probation:

Teens who have passed probation: