Club Ministries Fair

Club Ministries Fair is a joint celebration of both Pathfinder and Adventurer Clubs for the many months of hard work and service within our churches and communities. It is held on the 3rd Sunday of May on the campus of La Sierra University. Come and join us for an entire day of family fun, food, and fellowship. 


Parade: Class A Uniform (full dress: dress shirt and pants, scarf, honor sash, black socks and black dress shoes)

After Parade: Class C Uniform (field uniform)


8:00 am  Parade Staging

8:45 am  Grand Parade

10:00 am  Official Fair Opening Ceremonies [at close of parade] 

11:00 am  Participate, Look, Eat! [booths and activites open all day]

11:30 am  Drill Down (Sculpture Plaza) 

12:30 pm  Drill Team Exhibition 

2:00 pm  Fair Closing Ceremonies/Raffle

3:00 pm  Clean Up

Marching in the Parade

Attention to the following detail will help make your club look great! 

1. Keep a distance of 50 feet between your club and the club in front of you.

2. All lines and files straight, uniforms complete and looking sharp, eyes straight ahead. 

3. All club members and staff in step. 

4. Sharp column movements at corners 

5. Correct reviewing stand procedure, EYES RIGHT, as described below: 

The order within each club will be: 

1. Club banner 

2. Flag Bearers 

3. Director and Pastor 

4. Drill Instructor to the right of guidon bearers 

5. Pathfinders-small clubs may march in columns of two or three abreast rather than four as shown 

6. Staff follow Pathfinders 

7. Float and other entries bring up the rear