This Year’s Calendar

First Night of Pathfinders              September 14
Pathfinder Sabbath                         March 5

Teen Institute                                     October
SECC Camporee                               November
Kite Day                                             March
Help-a-thon                                        March
Teen River Trip                                   April
Club Campout                                    April
Investiture                                          May
Fair                                                    May
Year End Party                                   May

Honor Schedule

Throughout the year, Pathfinders are giving opportunities to learn more about the world around them by earning honors. The Calimesa Pathfinder Club follows the honor schedule below (follow the links to learn more about the honors in each category):

Nature (September-October: 5 meetings)

Crafts and Hobbies (November-December: 8 meetings)

Safety (January: 4 meetings)

Kites (February: 3 meetings)

Crafts and Hobbies 2 (March-May: 9 meetings)

Meeting Schedule 

Tuesday Nights

6:45 pm – Opening Exercises
6:55 pm – Session 1
7:40 pm – Marching
7:50 pm – Session 2
8:25 pm – Closing Exercises (Announcements/Handouts)
8:30 pm – Parents Pick Up Pathfinders

8:35 pm – Staff Meeting